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Useful Guidelines for Buying an Appropriate Camping Swag

A camping swag refers to a sleeping unit used in camping and which is somehow smaller in size than a tent. A tent comes in sizes that can accommodate up to ten people while a camping swag can only be used by a maximum of two occupants. You can, therefore, consider choosing a camping swag as a shelter in case you are going camping and you are only two people. And there are some factors to look into when you are selecting a swag, just like you would do when selecting a tent. Below are outlined some helpful tips to guide you in the selection and purchase of an appropriate camping swag for your needs.

Consider the type of swag you are obtaining in terms of quality. Quality of camping swag can be expressed in different aspects. These features are size, type of material used in its manufacture, and durability as well. A good camping swag is one that is made from material that is strong and durable that can serve you for a long time. Some types of canvas used in making swags need treatment so as to be waterproof. Before it is used, the canvas can be treated by being immersed in water or a waterproofing chemical and left overnight so as to become watertight.

Choose a camping swag whose design makes it easier to put up and pull down. When out camping, you need to take as little time as possible to set up the camping swag. This is because camping is intended to provide you with enough time to both have fun and also bond with your family and loved ones. It wouldn’t, therefore, be beneficial for you if you use up a large part of this time setting up the camping swag. In order this wastage of time, ensure that you acquire a swag that can be put up and pulled down quickly and with less hassle.

Think about a camping swag light in weight. Going for camping normally means that you should carry as few equipment as possible. The items carried along for a camping trip are those that are absolutely necessary that you cannot do without them. Get a camping swag that is light enough that it can be carried by a single person in a backpack. It should also be small enough such that it can leave some room in the backpack for other accessories.

A camping swag with a plastic base is preferable to those with canvas bases. Camping swags with canvas bases are bound to allow water to seep into them in case the ground gets wet when it rains. But you can be sure that your sleeping unit will remain dry if the base of the swag is plastic.

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