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How to Smoke Cigar Like a Pro in a Cigar Bar and Lounge

With so many states having banned public smoking of cigars, one would need to know of a cigar bar and lounge he or she can smoke the cigar over a cup of beer without worrying having to collide with the authority. You would need an establishment where you would not have to smoke your cigar fearing that the authorities will catch up with you or even worse where you would have to hide in the toilet. When figuring out the best cigar bar and lounge, you would need to be sure that the cigar bar and lounge in question allows cigar only or whether it allows cigarette as well. You would need an environment where you have a gentlemen’s club ambience that also include some perfect interior to allow you to feel your cigar. A gentleman who has been on cigar and has had an experience with many cigar bars and lounge setups may have easy time locating a good cigar bar and lounge. While searching for a den may be one thing, smoking the right way be yet another hindrance the newbies may be struggling to deal with.

You would need to begin opening the cigar at one end using a cigar cutter. You would need to remember that the open end tends to be placed on your lips. You would need to make sure that you cat the cigar carefully to avoid instances where you cut below the seam and have the entire cigar unravel. You would need to verify that the cigar draws smoothly even before lighting it. You would need to make the cut longer especially where you feel that the cigar is not admitting enough air.

The lighter you are using may not affect how you light your cigar. You would need to make sure that you toast the foot of the cigar as you prepare it for lighting. You would then hold the cigar at 45 degrees angle and then have the tip of the flame under the tuck end of your cigar. You would need to avoid instances where you char the expensive and beautiful wrapper as it would expose you as a newbie. To readily accept the flame, you would need to make sure that the tobacco is humid. You would also need to make sure that you rotate the cigar as you toast it with the intention of having its whole circumference smoldering. You would also need to remember to sip the cigar executively as you enjoy the flavor.
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